Institute of Holistic Nutrition – Mississauga Campus

Start Time

10:00 am

September 23, 2018

Finish Time

5:00 pm

September 23, 2018


Institute of Holistic Nutrition Mississauga Campus 55 City Centre Drive, Suite 701

Exclusive Opportunity Designed for IHN Alumni and Students
Held at both North York and Mississauga Campuses

For the first time in a decade, Udo Erasmus returns to the IHN community bringing his latest labour of love,“The Book on TOTAL SEXY HEALTH: The 8 Key Parts Designed by Nature”, which is a marvelous departure from his ground-breaking work on fats, oils, cholesterol, nutrition and health.

Distilled from Udo’s academic background in physical science, biosciences, psychology, self-knowledge and personal practice, this IHN-exclusive workshop offers both theoretical insights and applicable tools to empower you and your clients to build a step-by-step, personalized pathway to “total health” by understanding how each part of nature and human nature optimally expresses itself. 

Everybody wants to be sexy! Health is the foundation of sexy. We are sexy by nature, but it is easy to disconnect from the sexy richness of our nature in today’s modern, frazzled digital and stress-filled world. How do we cultivate vibrant, energetic, full-on presence for ourselves, our loved ones and our clients?

Engage in a joyful, interactive and always compelling lecture with Udo to discuss the nature of and reconnection with each of the eight essential components that define, and are the key to, TOTAL SEXY HEALTH.

Topics include:

1. Presence/internal awareness: Cultivate awareness of the depths of stillness and peace, the rich feeling of wholeness that is your inner universal self.

2. Life energy: Explore vital energy that is the powerful, personal essence of your being. 

3. Inspired creativity: How to get on the mental bridge between life and the physical world. How do you stay balanced in the midst of stress?

4. Physical body: Practical steps that get and keep your body in line with nature. 

5. Survival smarts: Competent response to stress, changes, crises and emergencies. 

6. Social group: Social connection, reliability and contribution for total health.

7. Natural environment: How to live sustainably, and to take care of nature as nature takes care of you. 

8. Infinite awareness: How to let infinite calm presence flow through you.

We will also talk about the perfect, unaltered spaces within you from which infinite healing is possible,emotions, integration, illness, death and the mastery of all elements in applications in life.

A copy of the custom designed PowerPoint presentation developed for this talk will be available for all attendees.

Registrants can expect a few surprises from Udo and IHN for this special event!  



1st: AUGUST 20, 2018


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