Udo has impacted millions of lives...

  • Sold over 250,000 copies of books, including Fats That Heal Fats That Kill
  • Passionately conducted 5,000+ live presentations
  • Given 3,000+ media interviews
  • Traveled to 40+ countries with his message on how to achieve perfect health
  • Sold and distributed 25,000,000 bottles from his Udo's Choice product line in 50+ countries

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Meet Udo Erasmus

Udo's pioneering work in health and wellness started over 40 years ago. As a prominent voice of the Healthy Fats/Oils movement, Udo raised manufacturing standards of food oils, including flax oil. In 1994, he co-founded the Udo's Choice supplement brand, a global leader in cutting edge health products specializing in healthy oils, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and greens. Udo is an accomplished author of several books including Fats that Heal Fats that Kill, with 250,000+ copies sold. With extensive education in Biochemistry and Biology, and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, Udo has impacted millions of lives by delivering  his fresh message on how to achieve perfect health. You can check out his latest expert appearance in the feature documentary Eating Our Way To Extinction (2021).

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– This course will guarantee you will achieve your total, perfect health and wellness. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Your deepest longings and issues will finally be resolved so you can experience your best life possible.

– This course is for you if you have unresolved, elusive and inexplicable pain. You want to strengthen your purpose, passion and mission in life or are struggling with your health and battling symptoms, searching for answers no one has. You will also find it beneficial if you are seeking for truth and answers to life’s biggest questions that leave you have a feeling of emptiness inside that you have not been able to fill.

  • The Truth About Health
    • Why health is important to our experience of life, what actually is health and why is TOTAL HEALTH the answer to all your questions and problems.
  • Introduction to TOTAL SEXY HEALTH
    • Discover the key core elements to TOTAL HEALTH as designed by NATURE and HUMAN NATURE.
  • Internal Awareness
    • Understand the ‘BIG picture’ and what cannot be named or known through your senses, but only through awareness of itself.
  • Life Energy
    • Realize you are life, and life is whole. Life Energy is perfect health, is perfectly sexy and can’t be created or destroyed. You are beyond all these.
  • Physical Body
    • It is finally time you learn how to take care of the body you have be given. Re-educate yourself and dispel many myths you have been taught that are keeping you sick.
  • Survival Mind
    • You must implement these survival smarts for modern living or you will constantly be living in a state of stress and never experience TOTAL HEALTH.
  • Social Group
    • You must feel relaxed and at ease with others, and actually connect and communicate well, this is a sign of TOTAL SEXY HEALTH.
  • Resources
    • Life is resourceful and in order to experience TOTAL HEALTH you must know and believe this. Nature, Planet and the Solar System are all here to support you.
  • Infinite Awareness
    • This is the essence of TOTAL SEXY HEALTH and once you learn this you will be one with existence and trust the infinite awareness that includes everything.
  • Inspired Creative Mind
    • Creative people are fun to be with. It is time you are turned on and turn yourself on. Your level of inspired creativity influences what emotions you bring into any situation. Get back your Inspiration and Hope.
  • Death and Grief
    • This is a tough topic but if you can gain the right perspective you can finally live and experience TOTAL SEXY HEALTH. You want to learn this whether you know it or not.

– This course is for you or someone you know if you feel low, depressed and burdened by the world. If you can’t relax, feel anxious and uncomfortable in your own skin. Have a hard time focusing and getting the things done that you feel you need to do. Your emotions are unstable and it’s hard for you to feel good most of the time. You lack enthusiasm for life and don’t have any motivation to move forward.

  • How to Handle Stress
    • Stress is inevitable, but how you handle it is up to you and will determine its impact on your mental and emotional well-being.
  • Self Acceptance and Being
    • If you can’t accept yourself and be who you are you will forever live in conflict.
  • Healing Addictions
    • Everyone has addictions, some are healthy and some destructive. Be aware of them and change the ones that are not supporting you.
  • Dealing with Trauma
    • Trauma is linked with most mental and emotional health issues but there are ways to heal it and deal with it.
  • Re-Train Your Brain with “Scrambling”
    • “Scrambling” is an effective way to reprogram your brain and open up new ways of being to get yourself out of downward spirals.
  • Pain as a Gift
    • Pain is powerful and can be a great gift if you perceive it as such and handle it in a certain way.
  • Attracting Good Things and Abundance
    • Life is rich with resources to support you living a happy and content life. Learn how to attract prosperity, wealth and abundance.
  • Power is Within You
    • Deep in you is a source of power that can not be shaken by anything. You must learn to experience it.
  • How to Have Peace
    • Peace is everywhere and can be had by anyone if you do this one thing.

-This course will guarantee you AGE WELL so you can stay healthy, keep your looks and feel full of energy. The information in this course will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on useless beauty schemes, diets and supplements.

– This course is for you if you have concerns and questions about aging and getting older. Whether you are in your 20's, 30's, 40's or 50's and above, the sooner you get started with the information and tools in this course the sooner you will reverse damage, age youthfully and regain or keep your vitality.

  • Know Death, Love Life
    • Discover the different awareness levels of death and how it can become an ecstatic process that you are comfortable with facing one day so you can love and live your life fully.
  • Developing A Positive Mind
    • There is one single key to living a long, rewarding and energized life and it starts as a mindset that you absolutely must develop as soon as possible.
  • Food, Fitness and the Keys To Taking Care Of Your Body
    • Discover the #1 diet for aging well and the 4 key elements of taking care of the physical body. You must eat the right food, drink the right water, breathe properly, and get enough sunlight and sleep.
  • Rejuvenating Social Group and Relationships
    • The company you keep is a key to your youthfulness and it is important to make sure it is supportive and not a crutch to distract you.
  • Let Nature Heal You and Keep you Young
    • Nature has the secret to keeping you young but how often do you make the most of it? This one thing can save you years and thousands of dollars in beauty secrets.
  • Strong Spirit and A Radiant Soul
    • Want to have radiant skin and beauty? The stronger your spirit and your soul shines through your eyes the more heads you will turn.

– The Healthy Fats & Nutrition Masterclass can help you finally know exactly what to eat and put into your body so you can reset 98% of your body and being to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life

-If you are confused and frustrated by the conflicting health and nutrition information that you are bombarded with on a daily basis, get caught up in all the new diet trends or suffer from chronic pain, disease or ailments but are wanting to finally feed and nourish your body exactly what it needs to be the healthiest version possible then you are in the right place at the right time. Thank you for taking action and visiting this page. You could be on a million different websites right now but you are here for a reason.

  • How the most important aspect of nutrition is ignored by most people
  • Why you’re not getting enough normal healthy oils
  • How the food production industry damages and spoils oils
  • The 15 key categories that are basic to physical health and brain function
  • How 98% of your atoms in your body are replaced in a year, and how you can use this as an opportunity to give your body an oil change!
  • How to get all the goodness of oil and avoid all the bad stuff (hint: it’s all about blends!)
  • How much fat you need in your diet – this is surprisingly controversial
  • How the right blends of omega 3’s and 6’s protect and retain moisture in the skin
  • How much oil to consume per day and what time of day to take it for optimum health
  • The many benefits of oils to health: cardiovascular, cognitive, social, etc.
  • How oils can lead to better skin, sharper reflexes, quicker recovery from fatigue, etc.
  • How oils can affect your physical health by speeding up healing injuries by 30-50%
  • Why Udo calls omega-3’s the “fat burning fire-starter”
  • Common diets; Atkins, Paleo, Keto, etc. and their pros and cons
  • How for every essential nutrient, there is an insufficient amount, which is different for different people
  • The four essential components of healthy digestion

What People are Saying

“One of the most recognized experts, probably the most recognized expert around the world, is Udo Erasmus. He created a very specific product that is recommended by people all over the world…most people see it as the elite product.”


Tony Robbins
Motivational Speaker

“Udo does a masterful job of laying out and describing that indescribable foundation of healthy, peace and harmony. He brings it palpably to life for you, and he also knows how to speak from that all-encompassing state of being.”


Raymond Aaron
New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Udo has what seems like infinite knowledge and wisdom combined with a warmth and compassion that allows you to really feel and understand what he is sharing. He is the undisputed champ when it comes to fats and oils and that is just scratching the surface of what he has to offer. I hope people take advantage of this incredible resource that is the Udo.”


Jason Madden
Program Advisor, Institute Of Holistic Nutrition

“Udo has been a pioneer in the health industry for decades, he has unlocked & unleashed to the masses the great benefits of seed oil by making an alchemic combination that is both palatable & powerful – his profound positivity & insight has inspired all of us on the SpartanUP! Podcast & ‘oiled' the wheels of many of our racers!”

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Sefra the Seedhuntress
Spartan Up Podcast Co-host

“Dr. Udo is one of those unique souls who speaks from tremendous knowledge and listens with so much wisdom that you simply cannot help but be changed. His presence in my life brought me a sense of grounding and peace that I will never forget. “

UDO - Otillia testimonial image

Otilia Kiss
Business Results Trainer, Tony Robbins Research International Inc.


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